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E-commerce Development

Internet is the best mode of interaction between businessmen and customers in present times. Buying & selling of products through the mode of websites is popular due to various advance technology oriented concepts. Online business is growing rapidly through various software that help customers to ease the work of buying & selling activities. There are many mechanisms are working in the field of online business like:


Shopping cart software


Online e-telephony


Shopping cart software is the mode of online presentation of products for sale. Shopping cart software provides visualization of products to choose, online payment facility, joint selection of products in form of list, etc. Shopping cart software is the easiest way of doing shopping online by selecting all the goods in the cart and pay once for all selected items. There are many features provided by this software like:

  1. Credit card acceptability
  2. Easy navigation system for the customers
  3. Customer account facility
  4. Order management facility
  5. Web based administration facility
  6. Flexible shipping & tax options
  7. Built-in site optimization tools
  8. Inventory management facility

Online telephony is one of the best ways to communicate regarding business. It is the technology which is used to convert the voice signals into data packets then these packets are transported to data network which is running an Internet Protocol (IP). Simply it is the technology that let the customer to call by phone on the same line which they are using for internet connection. It helps in saving the cost of making calls on basic telephone line for business communication. This is online communication technology popularly known in the web world as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).


Benefits of Online E-telephony

 User is able to differentiate the calls as business calls, personal calls, or customer service calls even they are on same line.

  1. User can direct the calls to respective departments and take automated orders.
  2. User can screen the callers without any information to caller.
  3. User can get forwarded calls from all over the world.
  4. No line busy problems.
  5. Voice mails can be received on computer.

There are many more facilities can avail by using e-telephony. That is how communication on the internet is providing lots of facilities to ease the business complexities and raise profits by reducing costs to business.

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